Comments on the "New Corporate Governance" approach:

From Board RESEARCH (an American view):

"Martin Hilb's new book will stimulate behavioral change behind board doors. Nothing is more important to the continuing improvement of board governance than the board appraisal tools promoted in this book."
Professor David R. Beatty, Director of the Centre for Board Effectiveness of the University of Toronto

From Board PRACTICE (an Asian view):

"There is no 'one size fits all' corporate governance solution, but competence, commitment, integrity and common sense are the basis of all. Hilb's new glocal approach illustrates this in an effective way."
Noke Kiroyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rino Tinto Corporation, Jakarta

From Board CONSULTING (a European view):

"Martin Hilb's book is a welcome and substantial addition to the corporate govnernance debate. I have long respected and valued his insightful contributions to management issues. In this book he provides us with integrated concepts, and ways and means for achieving effective, real world class board management. With this book, responsible directors may well be encouraged to evaluate their own board performance. Therefore, it is essential reading for business leaders committed to successful corpporate governace."
Dr. Egon Zehnder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Egon Zehnder International Inc, Zurich