Practice-proven tools and checklists for the direction and control of SME

Please find below practice-proven tools and checklists for the situational, strategic, integrated and controlling dimension.

1. Situational Dimension: Consideration of particular circumstances within the SME

Owner Strategy (1.2)
Owner Strategy of Family Company (1.3)
VR Structure - Job Description of Board Secretary (1.5)

2. Strategic Dimension: Targeted direction of the SME

Invitation to the Strategy Meeting (2.2)
Strategy Process (2.2)
Organisational Regulations (2.5)
Functional Chart (2.5)

3. Integrated Dimension: Efficient BoD and EM teams in the SME

Job Description of Chairman of the Board (3.2)
Nomination and Remuneration Committee (3.5)

4. Controlling Dimension: Effective supervision of the SME

BoD Information (4.1)
MIS Concept (4.3)
Risk Policy (4.4)
Business and Safety Risk Management Committee (4.4)
Risk Management Questionaire (4.4)
Audit Committee Regulations (4.5)
Board of Directors Minutes (zu 4.6)
Circular Resolution of the Board of Directors (4.6)
Self  Evaluation (4.9)