Board Publications

Our New Corporate Governance Approach by Martin Hilb:

5th Edition
Berlin 2013

4th Edition
New York 2012

1st Edition
Beijing 2008

2nd Edition
Saigon 2007

1st Edition
Buenos Aires 2007

1st Edition
Sao Paolo 2009

1st Edition
Tokyo 2013

Our publication series: 'VR- und GL-Praxis' (BoD and EM Practice) in 'Haupt' Publishing:

Volume 1:
'Familyness as Competitive Advantage'

Volume 2:

Volume 3:
Kalia / Müller
'Risk Management at Board Level' 

Volume 4:
'Integrierte VR- & GL- Honorierung' 

Volume 5:
Hilb / Höppner / Leenen / Mühlebach
'Wirksame Führung und Aufsicht von Familien-unternehmen' 

Volume 6:
Hilb / Renz
'Wirksame Führung und Aufsicht Not-for-Profit Organi-sationen' 

Volume 7:
Hilb / Hösly / Müller
'Wirksame Führung und Aufsicht von öffentlichen Unternehmen' 

Additional BoD Publications from our CCG Partners:

Hilb (Ed.):
«Corporate Governance im Praxistest»

Hilb (Ed.):
«Integrierte Governance von Universitäten» 

Branden-berger / Hilb (Ed.):
«Pensions-kassen- Governance» 

«New Hospital Governance» 

Müller et al.:
«Der Verwaltungsrat», 4rd Edition 

Hilb / Jent:
«Diversity Optima» for an effective board composition, published in English, German, Chinese and Russian.

Our Latest PhD. Theses on Topics of Corporate Governance:

  • Doris Benz (Austria): 'Unternehmerische Spitalführung in der Schweiz'
  • Michael P. Burch (USA-Switzerland): 'The Mobile General Assembly for International Swiss Companies'
  • Michael Hartmann (Canada): 'Building a Case for Director Education in Canada'
  • Dimitri Kharitionenko (Belarus): 'Corporate Governance Ratings in Russia'
  • Ursula Nötzli (Switzerland): 'Situative Corporate Governance für KMU in der Schweiz'
  • Diyana Petrova (Bulgaria): 'Erfolgsfaktoren für die Rekrutierung von CEOs in der Schweiz'
  • Julia Indera Ramlogan (Trinidad & Tobago): 'New International Bank Governance'
  • Michael Ruess (Germany): «BoDs Power and Influence in Strategic Decision-Making Processes'
  • Bao Toan Tran (Vietnam): 'Corporate Governance Practices in the Banking Sector in Vietnam'
  • Tobias Weichsler (Germany): 'Corporate Governance and Shareholder Value'
  • Nina Weiden (Germany): 'Venture Capital Governance in Germany'
  • Agung Wicaksono (Indonesia): 'Governance of State Owned Investment Holdings in Singapore'